"Our mission is to provide your party with an Epic Vegas Weekend"
-What To Expect From Us 
      -With Golden Guest list you no longer have to hope to get access to your favorite club. We make sure every client who signs up with us receives quality treatment. We have established relationships with every club on the Strip. So wether it's a night club, strip club, day club, or just a night out with friends we are dedicated to making your special night in Las Vegas a memorable one. We provide:
-Ladies Always Free
    -With Golden Guest List Ladies are always FREE. No matter how big your party, we are dedicated to finding a club that fits your needs and making sure they don't charge you a cover. We also offer hosted entry to most clubs meaning a host will walk you in to make sure you don't get stuck in a long line.         
 (All night clubs vary in pricing and holidays and special events will affect the admission price.)
-Bottle Service
    -Bottle service in Las Vegas can get very pricy from $5k dance floor tables at XS to $8K tables at Marquee on a NYE when artist "Drake" performed. Yet with Golden Guest List we have established relationships with every club in Las Vegas to get you the most affordable bottle service with a great table location. 
    -How it works is we have sent the night clubs a lot of business in doing so we have contracts with almost every night club on the strip that guarantees us better rates. You have to understand one thing before about bottle service in Las Vegas and thats the difference between a "bottle minimum" and a "table minimum". Both are based off how many people are in your party. 
    -A table minimum usually means it is an elite club and will sell out on most nights so they charge more for tables. a table minimum can start at $1K and work its way up depending on the club. 
    -A bottle minimum mean you must buy one bottle for every 4 people in the group, so a party of 8 people would be a 2 bottle minimum. 
    -The club wants to sell bottles and get people as many people in the door as possible. When clubs offer bottle minimums they usually make "buy one get one free" deals or "buy 2 get one free deals". This is how we take advantage of the industry and get you the best price.

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We offer a complimentary 750ml bottle of vodka to every group who uses our services. We suggest that you pre-game at the strip club of your choice followed by a limo ride to the club of your choice. We offer every strip club and night club in las vegas. (2 Drink min @ Strip club) We are always on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week. 
*Tip Drivers *2 Drink Min
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     We have a variety of Pool Parties to choose from during our spring and summer seasons. If you are coming with a big party we recommend you get a cabana or daybed. (there is an example of both in the video above.) Cabanas and Daybeds are great way to get special treatment at any Pool Party in Las Vegas. When you rent a cabana or daybed you receive a personal waitress who will make sure your always have a drink in your hand. Rather than waiting in line at the bar. You will also have a guaranteed place to sit all day. At most Pool Parties lounge chairs are NOT provided so you will be stuck standing or swimming which ever you prefer. Since Golden Guest List has booked so many Cabanas and Daybeds in the past we do get discounted rates. Meaning the Pool Parties give us bottle deals on certain days of the week. "All girl groups" also may be eligible to receive comp cabanas or daybeds on certain days off the week. Ask your promoter for more details. If you want to see if your group is eligible for a comp cabana or daybed please go hereIf you have a mixed group or a bachelor party we have specials available for you as well. We can comp mixed groups into most Day Clubs. If you are here with a group of guys we and you purchase your
cabana or daybed through us we 
not only get you a great discounted
deal, but we also provide a service 
where we assign you a personal 
host, who walks you into the Day 
Club and we also provide your 
cabana with a group of girls to hang 
out with while you work on your tan
at some of the most exquisite Pool 
Parties in the world.
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   If you are looking to have a memorable night in Las Vegas and avoid getting caught in the crowd here is a list of tips while clubbing.

   " you will want to get on the guest list of your desired club the day before you go out."
   " Always arrive at the club at the time your assigned promoter says. this will always get you in the club as fast as possible."
    "Don't get stuck standing around at the club or in line at the bar. A table guarantees you a place to sit all night as well as a personal waitress."
    "You can easily get free limo service by pre gaming at a strip club or male review. The limo will pick you up from your hotel and drop you off at your desired nightclub. RESERVE HERE
-TAO @ The Venetian
    Tao is located in the Grand Canal Shops inside of Venetian. This club is a classic and you have not seen Vegas if you have not attended this club.
-LIGHT @ Mandalay Bay
    From the cirque du soleil dancers hanging from the rafters, to the huge dance floor. This club gets 2 thumbs up.
-HYDE @ Bellagio
    Just walking by this club it makes you wonder whats inside, when you get in you have the best view of the Bellagio fountains you can get in Vegas.
-Marquee @ The Cosmopolitan
    If your a beautiful woman or just looking for one this club is for you. This is one of the top rated clubs in Las Vegas with 3 floors of music and a poolside party in the summer seasons.
-Drai's @ The Cromwell
    LA inspired roof-top pool party that is sure to amaze your whole party.

    DJ Mustard: The hot LA producer/DJ, who played a few dates at Surrender last year, is the logical choice for a hip-hop residency. The Beat Thursday.
CLUB: LIGHT @ Mandalay Bay
    Tiësto: This amazing Dj will be spinning all spring and summer in Las Vegas. With is new Resident contract with HK group.
    Avicii: This amazing Dj with the smash hit "Summer" will be a resident for the 2015 year in Las Vegas.
CLUB: EBC, XS @ The Wynn

2015 LINE UP

-G.A. Line Skip
  -There are 3 Types of "Lines" in the Las Vegas night club industry. There is a "Table Line" for parties with a reserved table or bottle service, which tends to move the fastest because it is the shortest and they are considered first priority with the night club. 
  -There is a General Admissions line or the "G.A. Line" which is the longest line because this is the line for the people with "passes" or for people who are just showing up at the club and are not on the guest list. (If you buy passes on the strip you will end up in this line.)
  -Then there is a "Guest List Line" this is the line we place you in so you get in much faster because you are a preferred guest. (Keep in mind if a promoter or website says you will skip the line completely, they are not being honest with you. Even with a hosted entry you will have to wait in some sort of a line.)
-Reduced Admission for Guys 
  -Guys will have to pay a cover at most clubs. With Golden Guest List we can add you to the guest list for free which will place you in the guest list line and it will also get you reduced admission. Average cover after reduced admission is $40
  -The Secret for guys to getting into most Las Vegas clubs for Free is to have "even ratio" with even ratio the number of guys and girls in the group is the same. (more girls than guys is ok too.) If you do not have girls in your party we offer a service that will get you walked into the club of choice with a host and a group of girls that exceeds your party number. (Great way to meet people as well.) This service is called a Fast Pass and it's $30 per person.
 (All night clubs vary in pricing and holidays and special events will affect the admission price.)
Light Nightclub @ Mandalay Bay
Artisan Pool Sunday Take Over
GBDC @ The Palms
Drai's @ Cromwell